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The call Roll is always used following another call, and is usually linked verbally with that call using the word "and". For example, the caller might say "Trade and Roll".

The meaning of Roll is that each dancer should, after doing whatever action is involved in the previous call, turn in place 1/4 (90 degrees) in whichever direction he or she was turning at the end of that call. (If the last action that a dancer did during the call was moving straight forward, or if that dancer didn't move at all during the call, then he or she does nothing in response to "Roll".)

Here are some examples of use of Roll. Note that in each case the dancers are in the same spot after the Roll as they were before the Roll. In other words, they are in the same spot as they would have been without the Roll. The Roll only causes their facing direction to change. Note also that if two dancers were holding hands before the Roll, they will need to drop hands in order to turn their bodies the additional 1/4. (But they will often then find themselves in a position where they can immediately take hands with somebody else.)

Trade and Roll

Hinge and Roll

Slide Thru and Roll

Touch 1/4 and Roll

Spin the Top and Roll

Cut the Diamond and Roll