Square Dance Tutorial

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Table of Contents
Cast Off 3/4
Spin the Top
Slide Thru
Scoot Back
Walk and Dodge
Pass to the Center
Tag the Line
Half Tag
Fold (and Cross Fold)
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Walk and Dodge is normally done from a mini-wave box. The trailers (the dancers facing in) walk straight forward, just as if they were doing a Box Circulate. Meanwhile, the leaders (the dancers facing out) slide over into the adjacent spot, just as if they were being run around. The result will be back-to-back couples.

From a right-handed box, the leaders will be sliding over to their right. They will still be leaders. The original trailers will also become leaders, because they are now facing out of the box.

In a Walk and Dodge from a left-handed box, the leaders will be sliding over to their left. Again, the result will be back-to-back couples.

Starting from facing couples, the caller can ask specific people to walk and the others to dodge. For example, the caller might say "Boys Walk Girls Dodge". In this case, the dancers doing the dodging still move over sideways without turning. Those doing the walking still walk straight ahead. The result is a mini-wave box.

It is very common for Walk and Dodge to be done by everybody in the square at the same time, from a position where there are two boxes of four. For example, in the case of parallel waves, there are two boxes side by side. Each box does the Walk and Dodge separately. The dancers who are dodging should be careful to dodge in the direction of the hand-hold in their own box. Nobody from one box moves into the other box.