In a Rollaway, two dancers who are standing next to each other switch places. The dancer on the right, while still holding hands with the dancer to his/her left, walks forward and toward that other dancer, turning around halfway (180 degrees) to face that other dancer. At that point, without stopping, the dancers drop those hands and switch to their other hands, as the dancer who was "rolling" keeps turning until he/she is again facing the original direction. The other dancer can help make this go more smoothly by stepping backward a bit.

If the dancers who are doing this are in any kind of line, they each end in each others spot. The dancer who starts on the left slides over into the spot where the dancer on the right started. The line as a whole doesn't move.

If the dancers are part of a circle, then the positions aren't as well-defined, especially since the circle itself is typically turning. But the two dancers are still switching relative positions.

In a line, it is always the dancers on the right who are rolling in front of the dancers on the left. In a circle, if the caller doesn't specify otherwise, it will be the girls who are rolling in front of the boys.