Couples Trade means that two couples are to switch places by walking forward into each other's spot. The two dancers in each couple remain together, holding hands, and move as a unit. As with any other Trade, each couple turns around halfway (180 degrees) as part of the action.

If the two couples start as a two-faced line (with the couples facing opposite directions), everybody can keep holding hands. They all just walk forward around the center of the line.

If the the couples start as a one-faced line (with everybody facing the same direction), they must drop hands in the center. The couples turn toward each other and "pass right shoulders" to get to their new spots.

Take care not to confuse Couples Trade with Partner Trade. In a Couples Trade, the couples are the units that are trading -- the dancers in each couple stay together, holding hands, and turn around halfway as a unit. In a Partner Trade, the individual dancers are the units -- the two partners who make up a couple are switching places with each other, and turning around individually.