Circle is most commonly done from a squared set. This means two things -- to form a circle (change the shape from a square to a circle) by all joining hands, and then to start turning the circle. The caller will normally indicate the direction -- Circle Left means that everybody will be moving to the left, from their own perspective. (From our "birds-eye" perspective in the illustration, they will all be moving clockwise around the center of the square.)

Circle Right means that the dancers will be moving to their right (counter-clockwise as viewed from above).

The dancers continue to circle until the caller tells them to do something else. The caller might say to reverse direction, to circle some fraction (e.g, halfway), or to circle until they get to their Home position.

Two facing couples can also join hands to form a circle of just four dancers. In this case, the caller will almost always specify an amount to turn, and when they are done they back out and form two facing couples again. The amount to turn will be some number of quarters (1/4, 1/2, or 3/4), and the dancers will turn the circle until they have faced that many walls. For example, if four dancers facing head walls do a Circle Left 3/4, they will end facing side walls.