Square Dance Study Hints


Applying the Finish concept to a call means that you are to skip the first part of the call, and do only the rest of the parts. Or another way of looking at it, you start with the second part.

The key to doing this quickly and reliably is of course to know what is the first part, so that you can "not do it". You will have an even better chance of success if you become familiar with how the rest of the call starts, so you can immediately start doing that.

There are many concepts and modifiers in Challenge dancing that depend on being able to divide a call into parts. In general, as a Challenge dancer you should be paying attention to the parts breakdown of each new call that you learn, where applicable. But you also need to know the parts of calls that you learned earlier, when parts were not as important. For that, you may need to do some additional study.

Note that not all calls are treated as having clearly-defined parts. There are also some calls that are not generally broken down entirely into parts, but which are considered to have a clearly-defined first part. The Finish concept is often applied to calls of this type.

Following is an exercise to help you become familiar with what you need to know to successfully apply the Finish concept. Each of the calls listed is one which has a commonly understood first part. For each call, fill in the first part, and then fill in how the rest of the call starts. In some cases, the action might not be the same for everybody, e.g., the centers might be doing one thing while the ends are doing something else; in those cases identify both actions and who does them. If you aren't sure, or you have no idea, go back and check the definition.

CallFirst PartNext or Remaining Action
Right and Left Thru

Swing Thru

1/4 Thru

Left Swing Thru

Left Remake


Swing and Mix

Pass to the Center

Pass the Ocean

Spin Chain Thru

Diamond Chain Thru

Triple Star Thru

Load the Boat

Spin Chain the Gears

Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears

Relay the Deucey

Relay the Top

Alter the Wave

Swing the Fractions

Tally Ho

Spin the Top

Peel the Top





Relay the Shadow

Linear Cycle

Linear Action


Cross Chain Thru

Dixie Diamond

Pass and Roll

The Axle