A Strategic Plan for the Libertarian Party, Affiliated State Parties, and Their Affiliates
Draft of 18 August 2001

Executive Summary

SPT recommends that the LNC adopt a multi-year strategic plan for the purpose of achieving progress toward six goals in support of the LP's mission:

Along with each goal, SPT recommends adoption of a metrics and or monitors. Metrics constitute targeted levels of achievement which can be measured to determine whether the implementation of the strategic plan is achieving those targets. Monitors constitute measurable levels of achievement for which no specific target is presented because of lack of benchmark data or because the measured values may not be directly controlled or influenced by the LP at its present size and composition.

In support of these six goals, SPT recommends that the LNC adopt the following strategies, and that the LNC recommend these strategies to its affiliates:

In support of each strategy, SPT presents a number of tactics which are intended to demonstrate the feasibility of implementing the strategy. Because much of the implementation of this strategic plan is dependent upon acceptance and support by the LP's affiliated state parties and their affiliates[2], SPT does not recommend that implementation be limited to the listed tactics. Rather, SPT hopes that state and local LP organizations will elect to support this strategic plan and will determine for themselves which tactics are most appropriate and effective for themselves.

This report includes a discussion of third-rail issues -- issues which have the potential to be divisive within the LP's membership. Classification of an issue as a third-rail issue was not intended to convey a sense that the membership was evenly split on the issue. Rather it recognized that a significant number of members passionately hold opposing views on certain issues and that care must be taken to avoid loss of support for whatever strategic plan SPT recommends.

Additionally, there is an extensive SWOT[3] analysis demonstrating that the strategies proposed by SPT meet the following four criteria:

A prospective planning cycle is also presented for consideration.

[1] In this report, the term "Libertarians" refers to members of the Libertarian Party and "libertarians" refers to individuals who hold viewpoints generally consistent with those hold by the Libertarian Party.

[2] SPT recognizes that not all affiliated state parties have LP organizations under them. In this report, the term "affiliates" in the context of affiliates of a affiliated state party includes chapters, districts, regions, affiliates, clubs, and any other LP organizations established beneath affiliated state parties.

[3] SWOT is an acronym standing for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.