The mission of the LNC Strategic Planning Team (LNC-SPT) is to develop and recommend a strategic plan to the LNC to advance the mission of the Libertarian Party.

LNC-SPT shall deliver an interim report to the LNC at its April 21, 2001 meeting and a final recommendation at its August 25-26, 2001 meeting. LNC Chair shall update the LNC, in writing, on the progress of LNC-SPT after each LNC-SPT meeting.

LNC-SPT shall develop and recommend a strategic plan which has the following characteristics:

The strategic plan shall include such components as:

The LNC-SPT shall be composed:

The LNC-SPT shall schedule meetings on:

February 10-11 in Indianapolis
March 10-11 in Chicago
April 22 in Washington
May 5-6 at the site of the LPNC convention
June 16-17 at a place to be determined later
July 14-15 at a place to be determined later
July 28-29 at a place to be determined later

The last two meetings will only be held if needed.

Steve Givot shall serve as facilitator.

The LNC shall offer to cover the costs of travel, hotel, and working meals for all LNC-SPT participants.

The February 10-11 LNC-SPT meeting shall be open to the public. Electronic recordings of that meeting can be made as long as the recording process is not disruptive to the meeting.

The March 10-11 LNC-SPT meeting shall be attended only by LNC-SPT participants and those whom they invite.

At its April 21, 2001 meeting, the LNC shall determine who may attend subsequent LNC-SPT meetings.

The staff shall electronically record all meetings of LNC-SPT. These recordings shall not be released to anyone but participants and LNC members and alternates without LNC permission.

LNC-SPT participants are expected to attend every meeting, without exception. Should any participant miss a meeting, the LNC Chair shall endeavor to bring the absent participant up to date regarding progress made at the missed meeting. The participant shall be expected to undertake the initiative to get this information from the LNC Chair. Should absence of an LNC-SPT member from meetings result in delaying or disrupting the work of LNC-SPT, the LNC Chair may - at his sole direction - remove that participant from LNC-SPT.