LNC/SPT Goal/Strategy Grid

August 2001

(from 18 August 2001 draft report)

Strategies in Support of Strategic Plan Goals at All Levels of the LP Goal 1:
Increase the number of Libertarians holding public office
Goal 2:
Strengthen Libertarian Party state and local organizations
Goal 3:
Increase the Libertarian Party's support base (members, contributors, and volunteers/ activists)
Goal 4:
Increase the Libertarian Party's market share among youth
Goal 5:
Increase public awareness of, acceptance of, and support for Libertarian ideas
Goal 6:
Remain the Party of Principle as we grow
Strategy 1:
Define, develop, and promote the LP brand
Strategy 2:
Develop and use high-quality presentations of Libertarian ideas, which present both direction and destination, to support the work of affiliates, campaigns, the national party, and individuals
Strategy 3:
Redevelop the Libertarian Party Platform, presenting both direction and destination, with an eye toward electoral success without compromising core beliefs
Strategy 4:
Track the performance of core and critical activities in state and local Libertarian Party organizations; encourage and support these organizations in creating and executing plans to improve performance
Strategy 5:
Define and codify relationships between (and expectations among) national, state, local, and campus Libertarian Party organizations
 CS C  
Strategy 6:
Expand and strengthen Libertarian Party organizations at levels other than the affiliate level (e.g. local, city, county, campus)
Strategy 7:
Recruit more and better qualified candidates
Strategy 8:
Target races and allocate resources for maximum effectiveness
Strategy 9:
Coordinate campaign activities within and among campaign levels
Strategy 10:
Increase the number of new people comprising the Libertarian Party's support base
Strategy 11:
Increase the commitment of those already within the Libertarian Party's support base
Strategy 12:
Strive to achieve a left/right balance among the Libertarian Party support base
  NSL  N
Strategy 13:
Provide training, training materials, and training support to Libertarian Party candidates and campaigns (e.g., campaign methods), Libertarian organizations (e.g., organizational matters), and individuals (e.g., communications skills)
Strategy 14:
Develop and implement an internal program of ideological education
Strategy 15:
Target public opinion leaders to embrace and espouse libertarian ideas
Strategy 16:
Target existing independent groups to act in support of Libertarian Party efforts and provide opportunities for us to spread our message
  L SL 
Strategy 17:
Encourage state, local, and campus Libertarian Party organizations and our entire support base to be involved in political processes at all levels outside of campaigns and elections
Strategy 18:
Focus resources to achieve the repeal of drug prohibition at the federal level by 2010 and get substantial credit for it
Strategy 19:
Develop an awareness that success requires adequate resources of all sorts
Strategy 20:
Motivate the Libertarian Party support base to increase activism by recognizing and rewarding both effort and success and by making involvement in the Libertarian Party an enjoyable, positive experience