LNC/SPT Goal/Strategy Grid

July 2001

(16 July 2001)
STRATEGIESIncrease the number of Libertarians holding public officeStrengthen Libertarian state and local organizationsIncrease the Libertarian Party's market share among youthIncrease the Libertarian Party's support base (members, contributors, activists, and supporters)Remain the Party of Principle as we growIncrease public agreement Libertarian ideas
1401Use high-quality presentations of Libertarian ideas, which present both direction and destination, to support the work of affiliates, campaigns, the national party, and individuals NsNsNSNsNS
1402Redevelop the Libertarian Party Platform, presented both direction and destination, with an eye toward electoral success without compromising core beliefsN  NNN
1403Provide training, training materials, and training support to Libertarian Party candidates and campaignsnSl nSlNSl Nsl
1404Provide training, training materials, and training support on organizational matters to state, local, and campus Libertarian organizationsNNSlNsNSl  
1405Provide training, training materials, and training support to Libertarians to improve their communications skillsNSlNSlNslNSLNSLNSL
1406Increase the number of new people comprising the Libertarian Party's support baseNSLNSLNSLNSL NSL
1407Increase the commitment of those already within the Libertarian Party's support base.NSLNSLnNSLNSLNSL
1408Expand and strengthen Libertarian Party organizations at levels other than the affiliate level (e.g. local, city, county, campus)SLSLsnSL SL
1409Define, develop, and promote the LP brandNSLnslNNSLNNSL
1410Recruit more and better qualified candidatesnSLnSLSLNSLnsNSL
1411Target races and allocate resources for maximum effectivenessNSLnS nsl nSL
1412Coordinate campaign activities within and amoung campaign levelsSLSL nSL nSL
1413Define and codify relationships between and expectations among national, state, local, and campus Libertarian Party organizations NSL  nS 
1414Track the performance of core Libertarian Party organizations; encourage and support them in creating and executing plans to improve performancens NS NS  
1415Target public opinion leaders to embrace and espouse libertarian ideassL  nnSL NSL
1416Target existing independent groups to act in support of Libertarian Party efforts and provide opportunities for us to spread our messageL LnsL NSL
1417Encourage state, local, and campus Libertarian Party organizations and our entire support base to be involved in political processes at all levels outside of campaigns and electionssLsLlsL nsL
1418Create organizations -- real or virtual -- which actively support libertarian ideasnsLslnslnsl Nsl
1419Motivate the Libertarian Party support base to increase activism by recognizing and rewarding both effort and successNSLNSLNSLNSLNSLNSL
1420Develop an awareness that success requires adequate resources of all sortsNSLNSL NSLNSL 
1421Strive to achieve a left/right balance among the Libertarian Party support basensl NSLNSLNSLNSL
1422Strive to make involvement in the Libertarian Party an enjoyable, positive experiencenSLNSLNSLNSLNSLnsl
1423Focus resources to achieve the repeal of drug prohibition at the federal level by 2010 and get substantial credit for it  NslNslnslNsl
1424Develop and implement a program of ideological internal education (tactics should deal with issues, core ideology, statement of principles, etc.)nsl  nslNSLnsl