LNC/SPT Goal/Strategy Grid

June 2001

(3 July 2001)
STRATEGIESIncrease the number of Libertarians holding public officeIncrease the number of governing bodies with a Libertarian majorityStrengthen Libertarian state and local organizationsIncrease the number and size of Libertarian campus organizationsIncrease the Libertarian Party's member, contributor, activist, and supporter baseMaintain ideological integrity as we growIncrease public acceptance of Libertarian ideasAchieve the repeal of drug prohibition at the federal level by 2010 and get substantial credit for it
1301Convince public opinion leaders to embrace and espouse libertarian ideas????? S?
1302Develop quality presentations of libertarian ideas for use by affiliates, campaigns, the national party, and individuals??S???S?
1303Improve communication skills of Libertarians??S?? S?
1304Use the initiative procedure to build public acceptance of libertarian ideasS?S?? SS
1305Develop targeted appeals to groups holding similar views on issues????? S?
1306Use targeted messages to groups based on ethnic background, gender, or other demographic criteria????? S?
1307Define, develop, and promote the Libertarian "brand" (includes image)??S?? S?
1308Present libertarian ideas in a manner that includes both "direction" and "destination"????? S?
1309Use Libertarian public officials to demonstrate libertarian ideas in action????? S 
1310Provide support and training to Libertarian candidates, public officials, and leaders to promote libertarian ideas in a manner supportive of the Libertarian "brand" (includes image)??S?? S?
1311Promote awareness of problems or potential benefits before presenting libertarian solutions????? S?
1312Focus on local or other winable elections and achievable appointmentsS???? ??
1313Recruit electable candidates who want to win and are willing to invest time, invest energy, and raise the money required to run a competitive campaignS???? ??
1314Develop an awareness among LP members that winning requires adequate resources of all sortsS??     
1315Develop compatible state and local strategies to elect or appoint Libertarians to public office based on stand and local strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threatsS??   ? 
1316Provide support and training to Libertarians on how to run effective campaignsS?? ? ? 
1317Redevelop the LP Platform with an eye toward electoral success without compromising core beliefsS?? ??? 
1318Concentrate resources on a subset of winable racesS??     
1319Determine what would motivate non-voters to register to vote (if necessary) and to vote LibertarianS?  ?   
1320Target potential groups of voters on a personal basis to encourage them to vote LibertarianS?  ? ? 
1321Run more candidatesS?? ?   
1322Chose leading issues to maximize votes in each raceS?? ? ? 
1323Promote cooperative campaigns within a given jurisdiction?S  ?   
1324?Research what geographic areas offer the greatest viability for Libertarian candidates?S? ?   
1325Actively recruit and support enough candidates over enough election cycles to win a Libertarian majority?S  ?   
1326Target party building in areas which offer the greatest viability for Libertarian candidates?S???   
1327?Focus the attention of higher level candidates to support lower level candidates in areas which offer the greatest viability for lower level Libertarian candidates where appropriateSS? ?   
1328?Develop and encourage a culture within the LP that recognizes and celebrates political activity and success??S ?   
1329Provide organizational support and training to state and local affiliates??S?? ? 
1330Define, develop, measure, and report core and critical activities at the state and local level (requires definitions: core=basic and recurring, critical=key things moving the party forward)  S ?   
1331Develop strong, active LP organizations at multiple levels below the state level??S??   
1332Emphasize enjoyable social interaction as a feature of association with Libertarians??S?? ? 
1333Get local LP members active in community affairs as members of their community? S?? ? 
1334Promote written inter-affiliate agreement which address rights, responsibilities, priveleges, expectations and appropriate mechanisms for dissent and dispute resolution  S  ?  
1335Develop a joint national/state affiliate plan to achieve ballot access self-sufficiency in each state??S     
1336Encourage teamwork and collaborative effort by state chairs to address issues and provide input to the national party  S  S  
1337UMP + (needs definition)  S ?   
1338?Encourage state affiliates and members to be involved in political processes at all level outside of campaigns and election.??S   ? 
1339?Cultivate and support faculty and staff contacts to ensure continuity within campus organizations  ?S? ? 
1340Provide national resources and support to campus organizations ??S? ? 
1341Provide national resources and support to local affiliates to do campus outreach  ?S? ? 
1342Establish a program to formally recognize campus organizations   S    
1343Provide incentives to campus organizations to enroll/renew LP members  ?S?   
1344Implement a reduced price class of campus membership with all rights and priveleges of membership except that these members will only receive communications from the national LP electronically   S?   
1345Provide intellectual resources to school communities   S? ? 
1346Recruit, train, and promote LP candidates and members to speak to students ??S? ??
1347Encourage the use of campaigns and other political action to recruit new supporters????S ? 
1348Implement a plan to generate inquiries and convert inquiries into members, contributors, activists, and supporters? ??S ? 
1349Use advertising to support and improve prospecting????S ??
1350Engage in ongoing prospecting to generate new members, contributors, activists, and supporters????S ? 
1351Improve member retention rates thru coordinated efforts at all levels of the LP??? S   
1352Develop and promote the use of tools for recruiting members, contributors, activists, and supporters at the local level????S ? 
1353Network and use other organizations events to build relationships (tactics to include speaking before other groups)????S ??
1354Develop a "grasstops" outreach plan targeting opinion leaders??? S ??
1355?Motivate increased efforts by members, contributors, activsts, and supporters thru recognition and reward? ? S ? 
1356Increase available financial resources by moving donors to higher levels of financial support??? S  ?
1357Develop and encourage a culture which discourages infighting????S   
1358Welcome into the LP anyone within the Libertarian quadrant as a member, contributor, activist, or supporter (needs description of Lib quadrant)????S ? 
1359Convert non-member contributors, activists, and supporters to also become members  ? S   
1360Convert non-activist members, contributors, and supporters to also become activists??? S   
1361Develop qualified, motivated leaders at all levels of the LP  ??S   
1362Work to achieve and maintain a "left" / "right" balance within the LP membership??  ?S??
1363Increase diversity within the LP membership??? S ??
1364Develop and implement a program of ideological internal education (tactics should deal with issues, core ideology, statement of principles, etc.)  ?  S? 
1365Use the spoiler strategy to remove the worst drug warriors from office       S
1366Concentrate resources to support local candidates in areas where polling shows public support for drug legalization???    S
1367Target congressional races based on polling support for drug legalization   ??  S
1368Develop and implement an issue-oriented advertising campaign (drug war only?)  ? ? ?S
1369Develop and Implement a "grasstops" campaign to associate the LP with the drug legalization issue (elected officials, media, opinion leaders)  ??  ?S
1370Pursuade the drug reform movement to accept the LP as a means to achieve our common goal ???? ?S
1371Implement a targeted fundraising efforts to drug reformers   ??  S
1372Develop tools to maximize Libertarian candidates' ability to campaign on the drug legalization issue and to minimize any negative impact of supporting the LP position????? ?S
1373Develop tactics to preempt retaliatory actions by law enforcement officials in response to the LP's position on drug legalization       S
1374Integrate the LP's drug war related position into a broad range of regular communications on a frequent basis   ?  ?S
1375Develop and promote activities and events concerning to the drug war and related issues to stimulate publicity????? ?S
1376Stress compassion as the basis of the LP's drug legalization position????? ?S
1377Develop a new vocabulary to discuss drug legalization (include personal responsibility, position the LP as favoring drug legalization which in no way endorsing/condoning drug use)????? ?S
1378Position the LP as the champion of innocent third party victims of the drug war????? ?S
1379Position the LP as the champion of incarcerated drug users who are not guilty of other offenses????? ?S
1380Build a "Parents Against Prohibition" organization??  ? ?S