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Date Known Events Approx. Events
Sep. 1993 NATIONAL CONVENTION [Salt Lake City]
Dasbach becomes Chair
Dasbach hires Cisewski as National Director
Dasbach hires Willis as interim National Director
Oct. 1993 Cisewski takes over as National Director
Nov. 1993 Cisewski resignation
Willis becomes National Director
Dec. 1993 LNC Meeting [Arlington]
Apr. 1994 LNC Meeting [Kansas City]
Aug. 1994 Browne announces candidacy
Aug. 1994 LNC Meeting [Arlington]
Sep. 1994 Schiff announces candidacy
Cowan exploratory committee
(?) Willis proposes national office provide services for pre-nomination campaigns
Nov. 1994 Cowan withdraws (?) Willis and Winter start working for Browne
Dec. 1994 LNC Meeting [Arlington] (?) Ayres takes over Browne campaign from Cloud
Feb/Mar 1995 Dasbach discusses campaign work with Willis
Apr. 1995 LNC Meeting [Phoenix]
May 1995 Tompkins announces candidacy
Jul. 1995 office moves to Watergate
Markowitz and Ahmad question Dasbach about work by Willis and Winter
Aug. 1995 LNC Meeting [Chicago]
Willis and Winter work and use of office for Browne disclosed to LNC
Dasbach says he asked that they stop
Willis says has not done work since asked to stop and will inform EC before doing any more
Dec. 1995 LNC Meeting [Washington]
LNC says no outside work w/o permission of Chair and Chair must inform LNC
winter 95/96 Willis working for Browne via Dean
Mar. 1996 LNC Meeting [Washington]
Jul. 1996 NATIONAL CONVENTION [Washington]
Browne becomes LP nominee
Dasbach begins second term
Nov. 1996 LNC Meeting [Arlington]
Maryland resolutions presented
(?) Famularo obtains Willis/Dean invoice
Mar. 1997 Success '97
Apr. 1997 LNC Meeting [Washington]
revised policy manual language adopted
Jul. 1997 Dasbach tells Willis no work for pre-nomination campaigns will be allowed
Aug. 1997 Winter takes over LP News
Willis informs Dasbach of decision to resign
(?) Cisewski Sabrin mailings
Aug. 1997 LNC Meeting [Los Angeles]
Sep. 1997 Willis resigns as National Director
Crickenberger becomes National Director
Dec. 1997 LNC Meeting [Washington]
Cisewski questioned about Sabrin mailings
Mar. 1998 LNC Meeting [Washington]
Jul. 1998 NATIONAL CONVENTION [Washington]
Bergland becomes Chair
Dasbach becomes COO
Sep. 1998 Dasbach becomes National Director
Sep-Oct 1998 Cisewski mailing to 'seed'
Dec. 1998 LNC Meeting [Washington]
LNC authorizes suit against Cisewski
Apr. 1999 LNC Meeting [Crystal City]
Aug. 1999 LNC Meeting [Anaheim]
Arizona disaffiliation
Nov. 1999 ALP, Inc. becomes affiliate
Dec. 1999 LNC Meeting [Alexandria]
Mar. 2000 LNC Meeting [Chicago]
Mar. 2000 Cisewski settlement signed
Browne becomes LP nominee second time
Lark becomes Chair
Oct. 2000 EC approves participation in FEC suit
Nov. 2000 EC puts participation in FEC suit on hold
Dec. 2000 LNC Meeting [Washington]
presentation on proposed FEC suit
Apr. 2001 LNC Meeting [Washington]
Famularo distributes Willis/Dean invoice
LNC conditionally approves FEC suit
May 2001 Willis admits working for Browne in 95/96
EC resolutions putting hold on relationships with Willis/Browne and calling for investigation
Aug 2001 LNC Meeting [Las Vegas]
Willis apologizes
Willis censured
Browne and Dean admonished
approval for participation in FEC suit rescinded


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(2) Events listed in the "known events" column are ones for which dates are known to a reasonable degree of certainty based on available documents.

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