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Parents' Math Group Establishes Site on Info Superhighway

Palo Alto, Calif. -- The Palo Alto parents' "math basics" group Honest Open Logical Debate (HOLD) announced today (3/1/95) that it has now established a "page" in the World Wide Web. The Web is an international information resource based on the Internet. Through the Web, users can access documents provided by companies, schools, government agencies, and other organizations directly from their home or office computer.

The HOLD page briefly explains how HOLD members see the California "Mathematics Framework" and math reform in the Palo Alto school district, tells how interested parents can get in touch with the group, and provides access to HOLD news releases and other announcements. The page includes a bibliography of articles on mathematics education. When copies of the texts of articles in the bibliography are available online, HOLD's Web page provides electronic links so that the user can immediately go to them and read them in electronic form.

Bill Evers, a Stanford University political scientist, member of HOLD's steering commitee, and father of a third-grader in the Palo Alto school district, said: "The school district staff and the school board don't want open debate by the parents and taxpayers on how best to teach math. We in HOLD think parents want the best for their children and taxpayers don't want money wasted on programs that won't work. HOLD will provide the information for intelligent, knowledgeable discussion. Let the debate begin -- whether or not the bureaucrats and politicians want it."

Although HOLD opposes the California state government's "new-new math," the HOLD page nonetheless provides, as access to useful information, a link to online material from the state Department of Education on math curriculum topics.

Palo Alto parents, students, journalists, and other interested people who have access to the Internet, through their office or school network or through a personal account with a service provider, can view the HOLD page using programs such as Mosaic, Netscape, Lynx, and Cello. The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the HOLD page is:


In Palo Alto, interested people who do not have access to the World Wide Web through home or office computers can use two work stations in the lobby of Palo Alto City Hall, located at 250 Hamilton Avenue, where they can gain access to information from the Web.