Stanford Daily (Stanford, Calif.)
Letter to the Editor
Published February 24, 1995

Hoover Fellow Clarifies Stance on Proposal To Alter Math Curriculum

Congratulations on The Daily's well-done, balanced Feb. 22 article on the parents' protest against the "new-new" math curriculum in the Palo Alto school district.

I was, however, slightly misquoted on one matter. I said that his school has not taught my third-grade son his times tables, not that he did not know his times tables.

Also the article stresses differences between the views of Stanford Prof. Ralph Cohen and those of the "math basics" parents' group. Although there may be differences, there is much overlap in views. Professor Cohen has publicly voiced his concern that the California "Mathematics Framework" and other "new-new" math curricula bend the stick too far in one direction -- away from math basics. Professor Cohen has been quite outspoken on the need for children to master computational skills. He emphasizes the need for practice and drill in computational techniques.

Bill Evers
Research Fellow
Hoover Institution