HOLD Board of Advisers

(list still in formation)


Henry L. Alder, Professor and immediate past Chairman, Department of Mathematics, University of California at Davis; former Member, California State Board of Education; former Chairman, Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools (BOARS), University of California System; former President, Mathematical Association of America.

Sara Baase, Professor of Computer Science, San Diego State University; author of Computer Algorithms and other computer science textbooks; member of the College Board committee that developed the Advanced Placement test in computer science.

Wayne Bishop, Professor, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, California State University, Los Angeles; Member, 1995 Superintendent's Mathematics Task Force, California State Department of Education; former Mathematics Adviser, Commission for Teacher Credentialing, California State Department of Education.

Shih-Tso Chen, Principal, Orient and Western (Holdings) Corporation, San Francisco; Member and past President, Board of Trustees, Chinese American International School, San Francisco.

Karen Crowther, President, Redwood Games, Inc. (developers of "Math Rescue" educational software); graduate of PASUD schools; and parent of PAUSD graduate.

Carol Hall, Mathematics Department Chairman, Bakersfield High School, Kern High School District.

Daniel M. Hart, Mathematics Department Chairman, San Fernando High School, Los Angeles USD; former Participant and Mentor, California Math Project, California State University, Los Angeles.

William J. Kurdziel, retired Lecturer in Accounting and Management Science, California State University, Chico.

Michael McKeown, Associate Professor, Molecular Biology and Virology Laboratory, The Salk Institute; active in the San Diego Science Alliance (an organization of science-related industries, research institutions, and universities supporting K-12 science education); Co-Principal Investigator of Teachers in Laboratories Today (TILT--summer internships for science teachers in San Diego-area research laboratories); recognized by Mayor Susan Golding of San Diego and by the Elementary Institute of Science for support of the Elementary Institute of Science Summer Intern Program (summer internships for racial-minority high school students in research laboratories).

Pamela A. Riley, Director, Center for Innovation in Education, Pacific Research Institute, San Francisco.

Maureen E. Rush, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, California State University, Bakersfield.

Philip M. Sawyer, President and CEO, Fusion Medical Technologies, Mountain View; former Palo Alto resident.

Martha Schwartz, Lecturer in Earth Science and Mathematics, California State University, Dominguez Hills; former high school and junior high school math and science teacher.

Richard Schwartz, Science and Math Teacher, Torrance High School, Torrance, Calif.; American Chemical Society Western Region Outstanding Chemistry Teacher, 1995.

Abigail Thompson, Associate Professor, Mathematics, University of California at Davis; Member, Advisory Board, Northern California Math Project

Hung-Hsi Wu, Professor, Mathematics, University of California at Berkeley; author of "Review of Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP) at Berkeley High School," commissioned by Berkeley (Calif.) Unified School District.

Local (work or live in school district)

Helen Aoyagi, retired Teacher, Escondido Elementary School, PAUSD; and Los Altos Hills resident.

James Baer, Principal, Premier Properties, Palo Alto; and Palo Alto resident.

Jonathan Bendor, Professor and Director of the Ph.D. Program, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University; Stanford resident and parent of one child in PAUSD schools.

Gunnar Carlsson, Professor of Mathematics, Stanford University; Member, 1994-95 Superintendent's Advisory Committee for Program and Curriculum, PAUSD.

Ralph L. Cohen, Professor and Chairman, Department of Mathematics, Stanford University; Member, 1994-95 Superintendent's Advisory Committee for Program and Curriculum, PAUSD, and Stanford resident.

Bernard R. Gifford, Professor and former Dean, Graduate School of Education, University of California at Berkeley; Chairman, Academic Systems Corporation (educational software), Mountain View; former Vice President, Education Market Group, Apple Computer Inc.; former Vice President and Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, University of Rochester; former Deputy Chancellor and Chief Fiscal Officer, New York City Public Schools; former President of the New York RAND Institute; Palo Alto resident.

Neal Goldstein, management and technology consultant, Palo Alto; author of books and articles on software development methodology and business process design; Palo Alto resident; and parent of 2 children in PAUSD schools.

Cynthia F. Gunn, former Editor and Manager, Portable Stanford series, Stanford University; editor, George Schultz, Turmoil and Triumph; former Board Member, Technology Center of Silicon Valley (now The Tech Center); former Third Vice President, Walter Hays Elementary PTA; former computer lab volunteer, Walter Hays Elementary School, PAUSD; Palo Alto resident; and parent of 2 children in PAUSD schools.

John Hagel III, Principal, McKinsey & Company, Palo Alto.

Robert G. Herriot, Ph.D., software engineer, Sun Microsystems; former Computer Science Professor, University of Washington; Member, Committee 2000, PAUSD; former Co-President, Committee for Better Schools, Palo Alto; Member, David Starr Jordan Middle School Site Council, PAUSD; Member, Elementary School Textbook Selection Committee, PAUSD; Member, Middle School Study Group, PAUSD; graduate of PAUSD schools; Palo Alto resident; and parent of 2 children in PAUSD schools.

Franklin P. Johnson, Jr., venture capitalist, Asset Management Co., Palo Alto; Lecturer in Management, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University; former Trustee, Foothill-DeAnza Community College District; Palo Alto resident; graduate of PAUSD schools; and parent of 4 graduates of PAUSD schools.

H. Richard Johnson, Ph.D., Vice Chairman, Watkins-Johnson; Palo Alto resident; and parent of 5 graduates of PAUSD schools.

Joseph S. Lipsick, Associate Professor of Pathology, School of Medicine, Stanford University; Stanford resident; and parent of 2 children in PAUSD schools.

Hilary Lyon, former Manager, Management Training and Development, Hewlett-Packard; former Dean of Admissions, Empire College, Santa Rosa, Calif.; Board Member, Palo Alto High School PTSA; Palo Alto High School PTSA Representative, Palo Alto PTA Council; Member, Principal's Advisory Committee, Ohlone Elementary School, PAUSD; former Vice President for Programs and Board Member, Jordan Middle School PTA; former Chairman and Member, Ohlone Elementary School Site Council, PAUSD; former Member, Superintendent's Community Advisory Committee, PAUSD; Palo Alto resident; and parent of 2 children in PAUSD schools and 1 child formerly in PAUSD schools.

Cassandra Moore, Ph.D., former Member, Board of Directors, Palo Alto Board of Realtors; former Chairman, Committee on Government Affairs, Palo Alto Board of Realtors; former Executive Director, Interagency Council on the Homeless, U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development; Palo Alto resident; and parent of 2 graduates of PAUSD schools.

Sunil K. Rao, Freshman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass.; 1994-95 Student Member, Board of Education, PAUSD; 1993-94 Student Body President, Henry M. Gunn High School, PAUSD; 1995 valedictorian, Gunn High School; National Merit Commended Student; 1995 Winner, Faculty Cup Award (presented to two students who are "models of excellence"), Gunn High School; Recognition Award ("outstanding service to Gunn High School"), Gunn High School PTSA; former member, Tenure Standards Committee, PAUSD.

Raymond Ravaglia, Director, Education Program for Gifted Youth, Stanford University.

Robert L. Smith, Jr., Ph.D., Vice President, KnowledgeSet Corporation, Mountain View; former professor, Computer Science, Rutgers University; former Senior Vice President, Computer Curriculum Corporation, Sunnyvale, Calif.; former member, Board of Directors, Palo Alto Cable Co-op; former Boy Scout leader; Palo Alto resident; parent of 2 graduates of PAUSD schools, parent of 2 children in PAUSD schools.

Barton H. Thompson Jr., Stanford Law School Professor; Stanford resident; and PAUSD parent.

Ron K. Unz, president and CEO, Wall Street Analytics, Palo Alto; founder, Advanced Studies Foundation (a program aimed at creating in Los Angeles a public secondary school that would offer high-ability students the opportunity to do advanced work); and Palo Alto resident.

Leonard Ware, retired attorney, Gray, Cary, Ware & Freidenrich, Palo Alto; and Palo Alto resident.

Kristy Wiehe, Freshman and Hasseltine Endowment Scholar, Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass.; 1995 valedictorian, David Starr Jordan Middle School, PAUSD; 1995 & 1994 Winner, American Association of University Women Award, Jordan Middle School (for girls with highest averages in math and science).