Honest Open Logical Debate (HOLD)
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New! Alternative K-12 Mathematics Standards for California (Sept. 1997)

Are you concerned about changes to the math program in Palo Alto Unified School District?

Many parents have only recently discovered the sweeping scope of the changes being made to mathematics education in Palo Alto schools. These changes come under the general category of education reform, especially as delineated in the Mathematics Framework published by the California Department of Education. The frameworks are guidelines provided by the state for local districts; there are no legal or funding requirements that a district must comply with them. The decision to generally follow these frameworks has been made by the PAUSD; however, many people are concerned that the reforms advocated by the frameworks are largely unproven.

Even authors of the frameworks show uncertainty and concern. Professor Alan Schoenfeld (from UC Berkeley, and one of the authors of the frameworks) writes:

"The fact is that, in the absence of either large-scale empirical proof of success or the existence of compelling and documentable standards, there is reason to be cautious. The traditionalists are nervous for good reason. It should be noted, however, that the resistance to change is not based on the purported success of the current curricula, ... but on the fear that the replacement will be even worse." (Alan Schoenfeld, "What do we know about mathematics curricula?")

If authors who wrote the frameworks are concerned, shouldn't we be? Why should Palo Alto children, long known for mathematical excellence, be part of the state of California's educational experiment?

H.O.L.D. is an organization of people in the Palo Alto community that feel that some of the changes being made in the name of educational reform are being implemented too rapidly, and without community input.

Are you concerned about:

H.O.L.D. believes that: Join us!

If we want our concerns heard and dealt with, we must organize. PAUSD needs to respect the concerns of parents and promote a real public dialogue about its mathematics program.

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