Joe Dehn for Congress

14th District

Cut federal spending and eliminate the income tax.
End the War on Drugs.
Hands Off the Internet!

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Why Vote Libertarian

Quite simply, voting Libertarian is the only way to use your vote to demand real change in the direction that most Americans want: a smaller government, one that spends less, takes less of your earnings, and stops meddling in your business and personal life.

The Democrats and Republicans have proven over and over again that they won't do this. They are the ones who got us into the current mess!

The Democrats and Republicans are both parties of big government. While they make a big show of fighting over "cuts", government spending just keeps going up. The multi-trillion dollar federal debt is a bipartisan debt. The federal government grows whichever party is in charge.

The "Republican revolution" was a sham. Many voters had high hopes when the Republicans got control of Congress in 1994. Yet not only have they failed to make deep cuts in spending -- they haven't even been up to the challenge of undoing recent damage and taking simple steps to reduce the power of government over our lives. The Republicans have failed.

The Democrats won't defend your liberties. Democrats and Republicans alike have been steadily eroding the protections of the Bill of Rights.

Only the Libertarian Party consistently supports freedom across the board. Only the Libertarian Party supports the real cuts in government spending that will allow our economy to prosper.

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Joseph W. Dehn III
P.O. Box 20372, Stanford, CA 94309